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Unique expertise 
for the benefit of your body

Our expertise

We welcome you in a cocoon of well-being in the 14th
and the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

Discover our unique treatments.


Lymphatic drainage

• Detoxifies the body

• Activates blood circulation

• Promotes weight loss


Muscle Massage
of the face

• Lifts, plumps, gives elasticity

• Brighter complexion

• Plumped lips and cheekbones


Intensive Detox Slimming

• Unclog the body

• Strengthens the digestive system

• Shapes the silhouette

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A dedicated team to take care of you

They are talking

Our favorite
from the moment ? The institute

Les Jolies Pommettes,
a wellness address
to know urgently.
For optimal results, treat yourself to an anti-aging facial massage in a salon once
per month.
Les Jolies Pommettes welcomes guests like at home — in a small powdery and cozy setting, like a Parisian apartment.
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