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A unique anti-aging  procedure requiring 

no surgery

Non-surgical, the plasma lift is an excellent method for tightening the skin. The results are excellent, and unlike conventional surgery, non-invasive.

Under the effect of plasma, a condensed electric arc, wrinkles and crow's feet are tightened, allowing you to regain a younger-looking skin.

A procedure that also applies to the body

Wherever the skin relaxes, sags, undergoes stretching, transformations, plasma has its uses. It pushes the body to produce collagen, a substance so dear to the youth of our skin.

Visible in real time and to the naked eye, contact with the epidermis induces immediate retraction, opening the gaze, blurring wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and excess skin wherever they appear. find.

All plasma treatment is preceded by a consultation with skin test. 

⸱ Lift and tighten the skin

⸱ Non-surgical

⸱ Also applies to the body

⸱ Stimulates collagen production

⸱ Fades wrinkles, stretch marks and scars

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