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Remodeling by Les Jolies Pommettes

Remodeling by Les Jolies Pommettes is based on a tailor-made method combining the best gestures to reduce cellulite, smooth the skin and shape the body, thanks to the Slide - Press - Peel technique.

This treatment is recommended for people wishing to redefine their silhouette following pregnancy, retention water, hormonal imbalance or simply an excess of fat cells.

Following Remodeling by Les Jolies Pommettes, the skin is firmed, the body is drained and blood circulation is reactivated. 

Duration of 1 hour, a frequency to be defined according to the objective. Interview1 session per month

• Reduction of cellulite

• Smoothing of the skin

• Body curve

• Redefinition of the silhouette

• Stimulation of circulation

blood and lymphatic

• Reduction of muscular pain

• Optimization of results

lymphatic drainage

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