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The Lymphatic drainage

Renata Franca method lymphatic drainage is a tonic drainage that  allows immediate results. 

It is used with a view to well-being, detoxification of the body, and makes it possible to initiate or reinforce weight loss. It is also indicated following  surgical interventions with the aim of reducing edema. 

Drainage includes the whole body (legs, stomach and arms) and cannot be done in parts. This allows the lymph to drain to the inguinal iliac and retroclavicular nodes and the Chyle cistern (the toxin evacuation zone).

Duration of 1 hour, a frequency to be defined according to the objective. Maintenance  1 session per month

  Detoxifies the body by eliminating toxins and waste.​

Activates blood circulation and reduces water retention​.

Relieves heavy legs.

Reduces swelling in the stomach, bloating and constipation​.

Promotes weight loss by activating metabolism​.

Dries and refines the body from the first session​.

Promotes the elimination of cellulite.​

Relieves endometriosis and painful periods.


This long-awaited period is still very tiring and it is also for the body! 


After childbirth, drainage helps you:

⸱  Get back in shape and faster and your pre-pregnancy body 

⸱  Reduce edema

⸱  Erasing cellulite

⸱  Coping with breast engorgement

⸱  Fight against constipation

When ? This treatment is recommended 3 weeks after vaginal delivery and on advice after cesarean section.

This treatment will target: Legs, stomach, lower back and arms. 

Treatment duration 1 hour, tariff  lymphatic drainage 

Drainage, care

essential post operative

Benefits of drainage after an operation?

The advantages offered by drainages to the

following surgery are numerous. They

stimulate the lymphatic system reaching

thus eliminating edema in a simple and  way and recovery is much more effective.

Scarring of the skin and tissues

more efficient, thus reducing the time


Faster removal of leftovers

anesthesia, serums and other drugs

used during the procedure

A decrease in pain that becomes

less intense

Better treatment of hematomas

Stimulation of the circulatory system which

performs its duties more effectively

Greater hydration of the skin and

fabrics leading to a better appearance

A faster decrease in


Duration 1 hour any area

Drainage for pregnant women

It is possible throughout the duration of the pregnancy after having of course asked the opinion of your practitioner.

It will allow to:

⸱ Reduce edema and water retention. Feeling of well-being and lightness!

Prevent the installation of cellulite

Prevent the appearance of stretch marks and varicose veins on the legs

Find some flexibility

Relieves headache, lower back pain and sciatica

Take this relaxation time for yourself!

This treatment will target: Legs, lower back and arms. 

Treatment duration 1 hour, tariff  lymphatic drainage 

Why is water retention intensified during pregnancy? The baby's bulk obstructs the natural return of lymph. Water accumulates in the feet, ankles, legs and pelvis, sometimes also in the arms, hands and face. This is why pregnant women often feel more bloated and this retention can be painful. 

Drainage will relieve you from the first session by activating micro circulation by reducing edema. 

PS: Facial muscle massage is of course also authorized and recommended during pregnancy 

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