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Muscle Massage
of the face

Why should this facial massage be included in your beauty routine? This massage will stimulate all the muscles of the face as well as the blood and lymphatic circulation of this one for an effect also on the contour of the face.

The facial massage is a sports session for the skin associated with a moment of relaxation.

This stimulating anti-aging treatment helps firm the skin thanks to an action on the dermis and epidermis, and provoke the production of elastin and collagen._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

It will have a moisturizing effect by restoring the hydrolipidic film of the skin (even on the driest skin), but also an effect  healthy glow with an unprecedented radiance of the skin thanks to the immediate cell oxygenation.

The facial massage will treat skin aging (wrinkles, fine lines  and sagging) in depth by providing elasticity. These slow and deep maneuvers as well as acupressure  points on the eye contour will rejuvenate your skin by stimulating  cell renewal,

We used the Le Pure skincare range, derived from herbal medicine (essential oil care), which seduced us with its anti-wrinkle effectiveness and its softness for the most sensitive skin.


We also recommend self-massage, daily anti-slackening for a Lifting effect.

Duration 1 hour

Lift, plump, redraw the oval of the face and shape the neck

⸱ Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

⸱ Brighter complexion

⸱ Smoothes and restores elasticity to the skin

⸱ Enhanced lips and cheekbones

Deeply hydrates

Helps eliminate acne, whether inflammatory, hormonal or juvenile, as well as its scars.

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