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The Intensive

Detox Slimming

The Intensive Slimming Detoxification is a tonic treatment resulting from a protocol combining our technique of applying a mixture of plants and caffeine, followed by a vacuum session to unclog and decongest the body, then an intensive remodeling. The results are immediate, we directly notice the loss of a few centimeters of waist, hip and thigh circumference after the treatment.

The agreement of these three techniques allows the body to be drained of its toxins. The digestive system is revived and deeply re-toned. The skin is smoothed and the silhouette redefined.

Duration 1h30

• Unclogging

and decongestion of the body

• Detoxifies and eliminates toxins

of the organism

• Shapes the body and reduces stock

fatty deposits

• Strengthens the digestive system

• Loss of centimeter at the level of

the size of the hips and thighs

• Smoother and firmer skin

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